What causes endometriosis?

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If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, or are currently undergoing tests for this condition, then you may be wondering what has caused your endometriosis. The sad truth is that there is no actual cause that is known, although there is much research being carried out on this gynaecological condition. There are however many different theories to explain its existence and below we explore some of them.

It’s in the genes

One theory is that it may be due to your genetic makeup. If your mother or grandmother suffered from endometriosis, then you are at a much higher risk of developing this condition. Although research shows that endometriosis can be passed down through the family, with some families being more prone to developing endometriosis, the actual cause is still not known.

Retrograde menstruation

This term refers to some of the lining of the womb flowing upwards instead of downwards during your period. This lining, instead of being removed from the body as part of your menstrual flow, becomes attached to the organs situated in the pelvis, resulting in endometriosis. Most women will experience some degree of retrograde menstruation, but it doesn’t explain why some womens’ bodies react differently and go on to develop endometriosis.

The environment

Research has also been carried out into the effect that our environment has on our reproductive health. It is thought that toxins in the environment could directly impact the womb and fallopian tubes, causing endometriosis. Animals that have been subjected to elevated dioxin levels have gone on to develop endometriosis, but much more research is needed in this specialist field.


This is when a cell morphs or changes its shape to transform itself into a new type of cell. This usually happens when the body is fighting inflammation. It is thought that metaplasia could be responsible for causing endometrial cells outside of the womb, and in women who are post menopausal or who have no womb.

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