How to have the best pregnancy

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There is nothing more natural than childbirth. This is a line that is often uttered by people who have not yet had children, or who have witnessed or experienced very easy births, only for them to change their mind when it is their body, their loved one or their own child under discussion! Every pregnancy is different, some women love being pregnant and others hate it. Some births are quick and easy, others can last for hours and be uncomfortable and awkward. What can always help, though, is being prepared for whatever may come.


Being pregnant means that you should take care of yourself and not take unnecessary risks, it does not mean that you should stop taking all exercise. Being fit and healthy can be a help when it comes to the hard work of labour as your toned muscles, good stamina, and good levels of general health can help the birth to progress smoothly.

Nourish: eat, drink, sleep

To keep your body healthy, you do not have to take up running marathons, or dramatically change what you eat and drink, but do try to cut down on empty calories like sugar, swapping in healthy fats, moderate protein and plenty of fresh vegetables, along with lots of water. For the baby’s sake avoid alcohol as much as possible if not altogether – try for the latter – and if you still smoke or vape, now is a good time to stop both of these habits. Drink plenty of water, even though it may mean that you will be running to the loo even more, especially during the last few months when the baby is taking up most of the room that your bladder is used to occupying! Staying hydrated and well-nourished is very important, as baby will draw as many nutrients as he or she needs from your body, leaving you malnourished if you are trying to diet or count calories.

Get plenty of sleep too. Growing a whole human is exhausting work, but some mums-to-be try to ‘push through’ thinking that they must keep working at their usual levels right up until birth. You will be sleep deprived during pregnancy and after the baby is born, so take the opportunity to be as well-rested as possible before the baby arrives. Indulge in those urges to take afternoon naps, you will be glad you did!


Basic pregnancy care is all about support. Having someone to call when you get worried, knowing that your hospital visit is planned and all parties are on hand, waiting for your call, and simply having someone to give you a cuddle when you need it can make all the difference. This can be family members, best friends, or even your midwife – one benefit of a private obstetrician in London is that you will soon feel at home with all the staff as you visit us for your prenatal checks and to book your pregnancy plan!

By arming yourself with knowledge of how to look after yourself and baby, both before and after birth, you will have peace of mind. By signing up with us, you have done the very best that you can, let us help you with the rest!

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