Handling endometriosis at work

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Endometriosis can be a challenging thing to deal with at the best of times – even when you can stay at home with a blanket and a hot bath within easy reach. However, more often than not you may deal with the symptoms of endometriosis outside of your home, and this can be especially difficult in the workplace.

So how can you handle your symptoms at work?

Prepare for bad days

It can be challenging to know when an endometriosis flare-up might strike, so try to be prepared for the worst at all times. For you, this might mean keeping a heating pad at work or something to eat that can elevate your mood. Whatever you need on hand to get you through cramping and other symptoms, make sure you stock up your desk drawer with it.

Be patient with yourself

Try not to take on too much at once on difficult days – if you can stagger more complex or stressful tasks, it will make things feel a lot more manageable. While it is hard to predict many symptoms of endometriosis, you will want to try and do your more challenging tasks when you feel better and save simple tasks for when you feel worse. This way you can continue working as much as possible, but remember to take breaks as and when you need.

Explore being open

Talking about endometriosis can be a challenge. Even if you do not want to discuss it with managers, letting direct coworkers understand why you may not be performing optimally on some days can help you to feel less alone. Remember that while endometriosis is difficult to handle – it can be easier with a support system in place.

Reaching out

Even with all the best coping strategies, sometimes endometriosis is not something you can deal with alone. Whether you suspect that you are suffering from endometriosis or you have a diagnosis already, reaching out for help from skilled professionals is a good idea. You can get in touch with Ian Chilcott to discuss everything from diagnosis and surgery to pain management and more.

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