6 most common reasons for labour induction

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Childbirth should be a wonderful experience but there can be issues along the way. There are going to be times when labour would need to be induced to prevent any bigger issues from occurring. Here we look at the most common reasons why childbirth might be brought forward.

1. Pregnancy overdue

Perhaps the most common reason for labour induction is that the pregnancy has gone way over your due date. This can vary from one area to the next but generally, you won’t be allowed to go two weeks over your due date before being induced.

2. Growth issues

Another issue which can lead to induction is if there are growth issues with the baby. This could be because they have stopped growing or they have an abnormal growth rate. This will generally be due to a problem in the womb and, therefore, it’s best to get the baby out.

3. Pre-Eclampsia

Eclampsia is an extremely serious condition whereby high blood pressure can cause convulsions. For this reason, pre-eclampsia (where they feel a woman is at risk of eclampsia) is treated very seriously. Labour will quickly be induced to protect both mother and baby.

4. Lack of amniotic fluid

For those that don’t know, amniotic fluid is a protective liquid that surrounds the baby in the womb. There are multiple reasons why this could be low such as a leakage or a late pregnancy. This can cause problems for the baby and issues in labour and therefore induction is often offered.

5. Waters have broken

Despite what the movies would have us believe, waters breaking isn’t often a sign of imminent labour. Often a midwife will actually break them during labour or it could be that birth doesn’t immediately follow. If your waters have broken and you still haven’t given birth in 24 hours, you will be induced.

6. Diabetes

If you have diabetes, this can also cause issues during your pregnancy. A doctor will be able to talk through this with you in detail including any reasons for possible induction. Every mother is individually assessed but often induction is offered at 38 weeks.

Don’t take any chances

While these are the most common issues, there will be other reasons why labour may be induced. It’s always vital to never take any chances with your pregnancy and report any problems you may have, however little you feel they may be.

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