5 critical reasons to see a gynaecologist and what to expect

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Many women find visiting a gynaecologist intimidating and may sometimes avoid doing it altogether. However, it’s in your best interest to visit one at least once a year to inspect that your bodily functions, especially your fertility system, are operating smoothly.

A gynaecologist specialises in women’s health, in particular, the female reproductive system.

Are you still having doubts about making an appointment? Here are the top 5 reasons to visit a private gynaecologist in London today.

1. Regular check-ups

Gynaecologists, like other primary care physicians, also provide regular check-ups like screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer and testing for disorders such as sexual dysfunction, cervical dysplasia, etc.

A gynaecologist can also perform a hysteroscopy or laparoscopy to inspect your womb for any abnormalities. Ignoring regular inspections with your gynaecologist could lead to more severe reproductive issues later.

2. Preconception counselling

When you are in your childbearing years and are planning to start a family, it’s critical that you create a healthy environment for conceiving. Talk to a gynaecologist about your family history, vitamin/nutrient intake, lifestyle, and other pregnancy care issues that will lead to a successful pregnancy.

3. Infertility

In the case of infertility, a gynaecologist can either treat you or refer you to a private obstetrician London-based, which is a fertility, pregnancy, and birth specialist. You may have been trying to get pregnant for several years without success, which could be a sign that it’s time you book an appointment with a fertility specialist.

4. Painful cramps or painful sex

While everyone has a different tolerance to pain, some pain is just unbearable. Ensure you visit a gynaecologist when you feel extreme pain during sex or are always on painkillers for cramps. It’s not healthy to live off painkillers each month, it will only add to your list of health problems.

5. Change in vaginal discharge

As a woman, you must always keep an eye on vaginal discharge or bad odour. It’s usually a sign that something’s wrong. Visit a gynaecologist immediately before the problem gets worse.

Wrapping up

As a woman, never take chances with your health, especially when it comes to your fertility. Ensure you visit a gynaecologist as soon as you notice a problem and get the proper treatment on time. If you are looking for a gynaecologist in London, make sure to call today on 020 7390 6200.

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